Gekko Plus is completely suspended.

I am sorry to report that Gekko Plus is not resuming operations anytime soon. You can read more about the situation in this blogpost.

It was a great journey!
Kind regards,
Mike van Rossum

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Save big on a yearly plan


  • 1 active trading bot
  • 1 paper trader per exchange
  • Up to 30 backtests per month

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  • Up to 5 active trading bots (one per exchange)
  • 5 paper traders per exchange
  • Up to 5000 backtests per month

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Custom trading solutions such as custom order execution, market making and arbitrage systems.

We can integrate any exchange and any type of product, including derivatives.

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The Gekko Plus marketplace has a number of strategies created by expert creators. You can use all of them FOR FREE.

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Trading bots are sophisticated pieces of software. But we will take care of all the details so you don't have to. Using Gekko Plus doesn't require any installation or setup!

Cloud hosted

The Crypto markets run 24 hours per day, so should your trading or you risking your valuable crypto. Gekko Plus got you covered: All are systems are automated in the cloud.

Advanced user? Get Open Gekko

Gekko Plus runs on the open source and popular Gekko bot, which is completely free.
Note that you are required to install Gekko on your own server (via a commandline interface) and program your own strategies.
Download Open Gekko here.

Supported Exchanges


And we are working on stabilizing support for all of Open Gekko's 25 supported exchanges.