Initial update on the Strategy Contest

24 Nov 2018

The Gekko Plus Strategy Contest has been running live for just over a week now. In total over 60 strategies have been submitted. For quality reasons, I have personally gone through all submissions and was only able to accept 24 strategies. I have reached out to all other participants; if you haven't gotten an email and your strategy isn't listed, let me know.

A quick note: The markets had been very quiet in the last few months, but on the 14th of November there was a huge crash in all crypto markets (the price of Bitcoin has gone down roughly 30% since). This date fell in between the participation deadline and the beginning of the contest. Keep this in mind while looking at the performance of the strategies!

During the contest you can keep track of all strategies in the live contest leaderboard:

The contest will run until the 10th of December, after which the creator of the best performing strategy will win 0.1 BTC! Given the current volatility in the markets, I expect a lot of price swings; I am very excited to see how the strategies will perform in this hectic environment.

Why a strategy contest?

Historically, automated trading hasn’t been a transparent field. Without being an expert it's extremely hard to validate automated and algorithmic trading systems. The goal of the open source Gekko project is to help develop your own strategies. But what if you are simply interested in using strategies that were made by others? How do you validate them? How can you trust their historical graphs that promise insane profits? This is where Gekko Plus comes in!

Gekko Plus is an independently run platform and marketplace that connects algorithmic strategy creators with strategy users. Algorithmic strategy creators can host and rent their strategies to Gekko Plus users. Our platform is the unbiased third party that validates these algorithmic strategies and allows users to run customized backtests and live trading bots, all from within Gekko Plus.

What better way to start this off than with an algorithmic strategy contest. Strategy creators can upload their strategies and pit them against not only the markets but each other as well.. Keep up to date on the performance of all the strategies on the Live Leaderboard. On the 10th of December, the creator of the best strategy wins 0.1 BTC.