Gekko Plus & the upcoming Strategy Competition

20 Oct 2018

You are looking at the alpha release of the upcoming Gekko Plus platform! As we are slowly releasing more and more parts, we want to give everyone a sneak peak of what is coming.

What is Gekko Plus?

The Open Source Gekko project has grown a lot over the last the few years. Not just programmers but also people who recently got into crypto became interested in Gekko. For this group the Open Source Gekko has been tough: Installing and managing complex trading systems to trade 24/7 on the turbulunt crypto markets is no easy feat.

Gekko Plus is a designed to tackle this exact issue, it will solve the two biggest problems Gekko users currently face: Installing (and managing) automated trading infrastructure and building trading strategies. Gekko Plus is cloud solution, meaning that users do not need to install (nor manage) anything to use it. We will scale up and manage cloud infrastructure so you don't have to!

To solve the strategy issue we will set up a strategy market place where programmers, data scientists and quants can offer their strategies to all Gekko Plus users. We will validate all strategies over historical timeframes. We will start out with our upcoming strategy competition:

The Gekko Plus Strategy Competition

As we are getting close to the launch of the full Gekko Plus platform we are planning a strategy competition. To showcase the new platform everyone will be able to submit their own Gekko Strategy and enter the competition.

Whether you created a Gekko Strategy in the past or if you want to create a new one, you can submit your strategy into the competition for free. During the competetion the platform will automatically run your strategy in simulation mode over the realtime market and everyone will be able to track the performance of all strategies in realtime.

After the competition ends we will be giving out a prize in bitcoin to the best performing strategy (exactly what the price is and how this is measured will be announced in detail shortly). Stay tuned for more! As we will be announcing more details on both the competition and the platform soon.