The Creator Center: Monetize your Gekko strategies

8 Feb 2019

The first version of the Creator Center is now live! This allows strategy creators to manage their strategyies on the Gekko Plus platform. In a gist: Gekko Plus has a market place connecting people interested in running a tradebot with strategies provided by third party strategy creators. But Gekko Plus does more than simply list all strategies uploaded onto the platform:

  • Gekko Plus will first validate all strategies, we do this manually by hand to make sure all strategies are of the highest quality.
  • After that Gekko Plus will monitor all strategies over the realtime crypto markets and evaluate them around the clock. We have a sate of functional requirements all listed strategies need to pass at all times, if a strategy only loses money the strategy will automatically be delisted by Gekko Plus.
  • After this the strategy is listed, and strategy creators will be able to keep track of the users of their strategy. Gekko Plus will pay strategy creators for every user of a live trading bot, insights regarding pending and paid out payments (as well as invoices) can all be found in the Creator Center.

You can read a more detailed writeup (including all relavant documents and scripts) in our latest Medium issue.